Secure and grow your business with legal and regulatory certainty

We help you achieve the legal compliance of your project

We work alongside teams of blockchain technology and solution development experts to deliver genuine compliance expertise. We have gained invaluable insight into how these technologies can be deployed, as well as their risks and opportunities.

Our team operates within our larger full-service firm PatelinConseil

We offer strategic legal guidance to help you make the right decisions

  • We help you identify and mitigate legal, tax, and regulatory risks associated with the use of distributed ledgers, blockchains, and digital assets.

  • We guide you to facilitate the deployment of your blockchain-based application/solution, new crypto asset classes, tokenization of traditional securities, and entity formation or structuring for DAOs.

  • We advise you to ensure compliance with AML requirements, establish effective KYC procedures, and implement legal compliance strategy approved by regulators.


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  • ⚖️ Legal analysis & case studies

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Why should you work with us ?

Seasoned lawyers

Our multinational and cross-functional lawyers have international credentials and over a decade of experience.

Tech-focused lawyers

Our legal expertise is combined with a thorough technical understanding of blockchain/DLT and cryptocurrencies.

Client-focused lawyers

We advise large corporations, SMEs and individual clients through an uncharacteristically high level of personalized attention.

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Patrick Patelin
Senior Partner

Federico Valcarce
Startup Lawyer

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